Toll Chargers - EETS Providers - Road users

The realisation of EETS as a service to the road users requires the cooperation from several actors.

Who are they?

The Toll Chargers are the organisations that are authorized to collect tolls from the users for using the tolled infrastructure (toll domain). A toll domain can be a bridge, a tunnel, a single road from A to B or a complex road network.

The EETS Providers deliver the EETS service to the road users. An EETS Provider must be registered with the authorities in his country of origin, and as a registered EETS Provider he can apply for accreditation in the respective toll domains. The successful accreditation, where technical, procedural and financial criteria are passed, gives the EETS Provider the right to offer EETS services in the toll domain. This service delivery is regulated in a bilateral contract between the Toll Charger and the EETS Provider.

The Road Users can sign a contract with an EETS Provider, who offers EETS across many toll domains. 
The road user shall then be able to pay his tolls according to the key principle 
1 contract – 1 invoice – 1 payment – 1 OnBoardUnit (OBU).

Also other Services Providers, who are not registered as EETS Providers, can offer EETS services to the road users. In this case they act as a Sales Partner of an EETS Provider and are contractually in a chain between the road user and the EETS Provider. Typically the Service Providers are fleet card issuers or other companies with a large customer base in the transport industry.