Progress Reports

The EETS Facilitation Platform issues half-yearly progress reports, as of 30.06. and 31.12. every year. The progress reports contain 

-       A summary of the activities of EFP in the period

-       Information on status and recent developments in the EETS market and an outlook to the expected developments in the next period.

-        Status reports regarding EETS from the individual EFP  Members (Toll Chargers, EETS Providers and Service Providers)

The progress reports are mainly written for internal use as part of the information exchange between the EFP Members. However, the content is not classified as confidential, and several EFP Members distribute the EFP progress reports to other organisations in their company group and to interested partners. The EFP progress reports are also sent to the European Commission (DG MOVE) for information.

For clarity it is mentioned that the EFP Progress Reports do not contain approved statements or similar on EETS topics. The respective contributions to the report reflects only the viewpoints of the respective authors.