About us

The EETS Facilitation Platform (EFP) and its members initiate and coordinate activities aiming at the facilitation and deployment of EETS in Europe.

Generally, the EFP greatly benefits from the broad experience among its members and the various formats to share and discuss up-to-date information on EETS-related topics.


The EETS Facilitation Platform was set up in 2016 by the initiative of various Toll Chargers and EETS/Service Providers with 26 founding Members. Since then the EFP was growing quite significantly with currently more than 40 Member organisations. 

The EFP is an initiative of European interest and the European Commission has declared to support these activities.


The membership of the EFP consists of Toll Chargers and Toll Charger associations, Member States, EETS Providers and Service Providers, as well as ASECAP and AETIS.

EFP Secretariat

The EFP Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the EFP and is run by a member of the EFP. 

The main activities of the EFP Secretariat are primarily the processing of applications for membership, preparation and organisation of meetings as well as compilation of a half-yearly progress report with contributions from the members.

EFP Steering Group

The EFP Steering Group is the highest decision-making body of the EFP. Each member has one representative in the Steering Group. The Steering Group functions and decides by consensus. The EFP Steering Group is chaired by a representative nominated by ASECAP and co-chaired by a representative nominated by AETIS. 

The current chair representing ASECAP is Christophe Boutin (ASFA) and the co-chair representing AETIS is Eva Tzoneva (Shell).

EFP Working Group

EFP Working Group is the main forum for information exchange and discussion of technical, organizational and legal topics to facilitate the deployment of EETS. Working Group meetings are usually held twice a year as a two days event.

In addition to Working Group meetings, the EFP also organises Webinars or sets up EFP Expert Groups to work on specific issues relevant for the facilitation and implementation of EETS.