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Information Platform of the
European Electronic Toll Service

EETS Info Platform

Welcome to the EETS Information Platform. It is the unique point of access providing EETS-related information across Europe. 

The website is managed the EETS Facilitation Platform (EFP). The aim of the EFP is to promote the implementation of EETS in Europe. Further information about the work and governance of the EFP can be found in the section EETS Facilitation Platform.

Scope of the EETS Info Platform

Through this website the objective is to provide up-to-date and useful information on EETS to all relevant stakeholders. Amongst others, a unique collection of links to national EETS Registers EETS Domain Statements, Toll Chargers, Conciliation Bodies, Ministries and EETS/Service Providers operating on the market is available. The EETS Information Platform also provides links to other EETS-related documents like the relevant European legislation. The news section highlights current development in EETS across Europe.